Where Hope Comes True

Vijayawada is situated at the Krishna river, 257 kilometers from Hyderabad. Just like everywhere in India many people here live below poverty level. And the ones who need most protection suffer the most - for example children, especially when they have no parents who care for them.

Together with Ramesh and Sharad Darshan Salem Ministries started the Children's Home in Vijayawada in 2003. At the beginning only twelve children could be provided with shelter, food, clothes and schooling - in a rented home. In the meantime the project has grown and prospered. Today, 25 children live in our children's home in Vijayawada. We have reached our infrastructural limits and therefore we are looking into options to adapt the infrastructure to the current situation of the children's home.    

We are aware of the fact that we can offer but a drop in the bucket. For our children, however, we can provide a real chance to not end up on the streets but get education and the prospect to earn their own living for a decent life. With your donation or sponsorship you offer hope that comes true. 



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